Favorite SRI LANKAN Makeup Finds!

Hi everyone!

I’m absolutely stoked to be writing this post! Ever since I landed in Sri Lanka permanently last year, I have been struggling with coming to terms with makeup products. I love makeup. It makes me happy, ecstatic and most importantly, it boosts my confidence. So, I stocked up as much makeup as I could find before I left the US. But now, a year into my life here on the island, I’ve been on the hunt for makeup that is affordable, good for my sensitive skin, and deliver results. Interestingly enough, you do get the Instagram beauty shops in Sri Lanka that deliver high-end (possibly sometimes fake) makeup from reputed brands, but I’m not about to dish out money for very little product (I’ve always been a drugstore girl, guys, and I’m not sorry about it!).

With all of that said, I set to on a mission….and stopped short at my mother’s makeup box. I didn’t have to go very far because Ammi has always been a fan of simple, easy and breezy makeup and I confess today, that I copy my mother’s makeup routine (with a few modifications) because she’s found the perfect combination of Sri Lankan makeup finds to get that glowy face! Let’s get started on the list!

sri lanka makeup

This has been my holy grain face moisturizer and primer (ALERT: Primer hack!). My mother never purchased this for its fairness properties, and quite frankly, after using it for about four months, my face looks pretty much the same. However, it’s a fantastic cream and it’s available at Keells Super Markets. Why? Because us Sri Lankans live in the tropics and we sweat. Like we really sweat. And there’s nothing more irritating than makeup melting off my face when I took a whole hour putting it together. And how does it all start? When my moisturizer melts away. BUT! But this product, solves that problem. It moisturizes my face without leaving it greasy. I swear! Once it gets absorbed, it’s as if you haven’t put anything on to your skin. It mattifies my face and has a slightly tacky effect for a while which is ideal to use as a primer substitute.  Check out the gif below to see how easily it blends in! BONUS: It smells fresh and amazing! And an even bigger bonus? It’s less than Rs. 500.

sri lanka makeup

sri lanka makeup

This has been  makeup bag staple for a while now, and you can easily see why. While this only comes in one shade and limits usage, if you’re of a lighter caramel color like myself, this works fantastically as a concealer. This BB+ cream is way too light as an all-over-the-face BB, but it’s light enough to conceal under my eyes, t-zone and down the bridge my nose. Buff it in with your fingers or a small concealer brush and it leaves a lighter look to cover those under eye bags. As with most concealers, it does crease around the eye, but it’s nothing a little tissue can’t fix. A little goes a long way with this product so it lasts a long time!

sri lanka makeup

sri lanka makeup

If you’re looking for pretty decent eyeliner (kajal), look no further than this product. It’s pigmented and so easy to use. It’s creamy too so it draws so well along the eye. I’ve reduced my use of liquid eyeliners and instead, I apply a thin line of this and smudge it. It gives a smokier look and it’s as harsh to wear during the day. BONUS: It’s a great alternative to an eyebrow pencil. Be careful though, this is super pigmented and can easily show dark, but if you use it lightly, it’s as good as any eye brow pencil. Proof below!

sri lanka makeup

I think I’ll make this a series of blog posts considering the other day that I found a great steal of a makeup powder! I love buying Sri Lankan brands because it gives me more confidence about the expiration range unlike more expensive international brands that don’t get purchased a lot. Also, these products are freely available and I can grab it on the go without worrying it was a one time deal!

Anyway, I hope you guys liked this blog post. I’m enjoy embracing my roots and buying locally (I sound like some woman in her 40’s buying organic fruit from a local farmers market).

Until my next post,

All my love,


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