Favorite Sri Lankan Makeup & Beauty Finds! | 2

sri lankan makeup products

Hi Everyone.

I’ve been on the hunt for a few more beauty products to love and this time I’ve come with more than last time! The list spans across makeup and beauty! I love looking for beauty products because a) I love experimenting and trying new stuff in this category and b) maybe it’ll help a fellow Sri Lankan gal without having to spend a pretty penny on imported beauty products! This review goes across sunscreen (this stuff is a rare find in Sri Lanka, guys, trust me!) to eyeliner, mascara and the lot. Let’s get right to it!

sri lankan makeup products

  • Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub

The one thing I was sad to leave behind was my St. Ives Apricot scrub in the States and I made a vow to find something that will get as close to it here in SL. On a random jaunt to Keells (grocery), I came across this beauty! Most face washes and scrubs don’t come with the exfoliating granules or they’re super expensive. This one, less than Rs. 500 and it does the job almost as well as my St. Ives scrub. The granules are easily spreadable and leaves my skin ridiculously smooth. I do have to say that the granules don’t dissolve very easily like the St. Ives scrub, so make sure you don’t over scrub your face or it will be red (I’m a brown skinned girl and this has happened to me…). The scent of this scrub is very subtle and once you wash it away, it doesn’t linger for too long – which is great if you’re looking for a neutral-smelling scrub!

sri lankan beauty and makeup products


  • Jovees Sun Cover Natural Protection – Sandalwood

The Sri Lankan market is very saturated with sunscreen and I think only another Sri Lankan will realize how expensive sun screen is and how you’re NOT spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a good alternative that won’t leave a hole in your pocket. In an effort to let go of the expenses of getting a Palmer’s, I opted for the Jovees Sun Cover cream. It comes with SPF 30 and was only Rs. 690 – which is a great price for sun screen in this country. I don’t really have a problem with more ‘avyurvedic’ smells like Sandalwood, so I actually quite enjoyed the smell. It reminds me of coming out of a very soothing facial with soft fragrant smells. It lingers for a while and isn’t very greasy. It’s not as spreadable, but I think it would negate the greasiness if it were. I went out to the blistering sun as I was holidaying down south and I was quite surprised how I didn’t darken! Of course, I wasn’t completely immune to tanning as I had a few tan lines from my bikini, but for an average sunscreen with a decent price on it, I was quite surprised! You get a lot for the price you pay for and the thing I really like about home grown products (or close to it, at least) is that I don’t worry too much about expiry dates. Bonus!

sri lankan beauty and makeup products

  • Kubiss Volume Eyes Voluminizing Mascara

I miss my Maybelline the Falsies Mascara and I don’t think many will top that drugstore find. But, I gotta find the next best thing, right? Well, maybe. I picked up this mascara on a hunt at Cool Planet to get some wrapping paper and I thought, heh, worth a try. I don’t think it thickens your lashes per se, but it definitely adds some oomph. It darkens my lashes and separates them well  (the mascara wand is wonderful). Add a few coats of it and you got yourself dark and bold lashes! For Rs. 850, it’s not bad, and I use it on the daily and it definitely looks better than no mascara at all! I’d buy the mascara for the wand because it’s better than most drugstore brands here. So ladies, if you’re looking for a decent mascara that isn’t better than sex (i.e. Too Faced, I’m talking to ya), this is a good option.

sri lankan beauty and makeup products

  • Street Wear Color Rich Eye Liner 

I loved the rich and dark Street Wear Eye Pencil, so I thought I’d pick the liquid eyeliner up as well just to test it out. At first glance, it looks quite like a bottle of nail polish. The handle is quite small (short and fat) and I thought whoops – did I make a mistake? The eyeliner is a felt tip and it gives much more control than a brush to draw a wicked line. I wish the handle was longer because it would give way more stability, but I can’t fault it for a cost of ONLY Rs. 295! The color, as per the bottle is definitely rich. It stays still for about 6-8 hours, or your average work day. I’d take this over the Kubiss one any day just because the liquid isn’t too runny and it keeps things nice and bold. What a steal!

sri lankan beauty and makeup products

  • Janet Beauty Natural Glow Powder-N- Blush

First of all, I have no idea how powders could ever double as blush, but hey, that’s not what I bought it for. People think Janet Beauty is a hit or miss, but I’ve never really had a problem with them. They are also the people behind Spa Ceylon, so I wasn’t too worried about what they’d put into the market. I got this pressed powder at their salon on Ward Place (Close to Jetwing Colombo 7), and I love it! I use the shade Almond Glow and it’s a spot on shade for my caramel hue. The powder is very light and it’s a great as a touch up if you get oily during the day (i.e. ME). It doesn’t leave a white shadow on your face and the puff that comes with it is not too bad if you’re traveling around! This has been my go-to powder in Sri Lanka especially because it’s made here and I really love the subtle fragrance. It’s around the Rs. 500 mark I think and I think it’s worth every penny!

sri lankan beauty and makeup products sri lankan beauty and makeup products

That’s all for today’s post! I hope you Lankan girls (and guys) found something useful! I am excitedly baking something delicious and it is something I’ve been doing with trial and error. Be back next week to show it all!

All my love,


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