How to Peacefully Say No to Sugar

how to peacefully say no to sugar

Hey, sugar, sugar, I got you lickin’ all over!

Let’s face it, sugar is addictive. Adding a dusting of icing powder over a bundt cake or even a generous helping of maple syrup on pancakes is a sight of beauty. Biting into a warm donut glazed with sweet topping is a happy place for most and trust me, I know the feeling. But, we hate ourselves afterward. We hate ourselves for giving in into something sweet when you’ve only just promised yourself that you will control your sugary cravings.

We love sugar, but there is no reciprocation.

This is how the vicious and continuous sugar cycle starts: you eat something sweet, you feel bad about yourself, and you may give it all up saying it’s all in vain and start the cycle again. This loop of self-berate is not only unhealthy for your mind, but also your body. Continuously craving sugar and giving in will progressively lead your health downward whilst tearing at your self-confidence as you look at yourself in the mirror. I know this because I’ve been there and felt the exact same way.

how to peacefully say no to sugar

The key is not to completely stop eating sugary goodness, but it is to ask yourself why you need it and understand your own hunger cues. Are you being tempted to eat something sweet because you’re genuinely hungry or is your mind simply asking you to eat a morsel of that yummy fudgy brownie. If you’re hungry, take a breather, walk away, drink a glass of water and have a fruit. Fill yourself up so you won’t be tempted to have very many sweets. If you’re not hungry and feeling a hunger in your mind, understand it. Realize that this won’t satisfy anything but a shallow craving in your mind and walk away. However, it’s important to note not to completely avoid sugar – if you do this, you’ll end up binge eating on the chocolate you’ve hidden in your kitchen.

As I say in most of my posts, eat everything in moderation. Don’t cut out chocolate because you think it’s bad for you – instead have a square of chocolate, maybe two, but not the whole slab! When you know you’re not hungry but you’re craving something sweet, see if you can wait it off with something else, but don’t do it for so long that you remove it out of your diet.

how to peacefully say no to sugar

Understanding your mind and body cues will help you make decisions at the grocery store or bakery itself. If you know you’ll want something sweet to keep you going during the week, opt for some granola, yogurt, fruit, and a slab of dark chocolate. Reducing temptations from the point of purchase itself will curb your needs when you’re at home!

I still make brownies and cakes around the house, but I make sure I don’t have it all! I know if I leave it in the house, I’ll eat it all. So, I keep a slice or two and give all my trials and errors in baking to my boyfriend! 😉

Sugar doesn’t have to be an enemy, but it can be a lovely treat to have on the side! Understand your mind and body and make decisions that will fuel your body. Food shouldn’t be a punishment, but a reward for all the hard work it goes through to keep you going!

**As with all my posts, this is a personal opinion from my experience only**

With all my love,

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