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Hi, there!

21 curator's street

I think it’s a little cliché to start off saying: I’m a 22 year-old still trying to figure out life with a Digital Marketing degree and earning a living managing digital content for an apparel company.

So instead, here’s something you might actually like to know about the author behind Almost Wonder Woman:


I’m Kavi Iddawela, and in short, I add the panic at the disco. I’m a self-declared chef who’s gotten more wrongs than right, but for every right, my hunky chunky is in the background applauding me all the way through! And for every right recipe I cook up, it’s almost always fool-proof for anyone who wants to try. I dabble into the art of makeup and I love to ramble on to my heart’s content (bless the poor souls that are my family and boyfriend). I also have another blog talking about life and experiences related topics that are lengthier and more room for a professional opinion! Check it out here!


Almost Wonder Woman was borne out of a hunger in my heart to put out my Sri Lankan finds all the way from a recipe I totally nailed to spontaneous adventures that tug at my heart and awesome makeup finds I come across!

So, welcome to Almost Wonder Woman and I hope you stay here for a while.

All my love,