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I think it’s a little cliché to start off saying: I’m a 23-year-old still trying to figure out life with a Digital Marketing (B.A.) and a Master’s Degree in Media Communications (M.A.) all the while working as a freelance writer and content strategist for online businesses.

So instead, here’s something you might actually like to know about the author behind Almost Wonder Woman:

Almost Wonder Woman

I’m Kavi Iddawela, and in short, I add the panic at the disco. I’m a self-declared midwife to words and writing and reading are as indulgent as chocolate and wine. I pretend to be an excellent chef who’s gotten more rights than wrong (although truth be told it’s the other way around).  I love to ramble on to my heart’s content (bless the poor souls that are my friends and family).

Oh, and I’d rather spend most Friday nights writing for businesses and convincing their customers that their product/service is the next best thing after sliced bread (calm down, I said most, not all Friday nights).


Almost Wonder Woman was borne out of the hunger in my heart to put into words my emotions, opinions, desires of professional and non-professional nature. This is also my portfolio of work that proudly occupies a microscopic space on the interwebs. To see what else I get up to in my professional life, peep my LinkedIn (hint: I also run podcasts)!

So, welcome to Almost Wonder Woman and I hope you stay here for a while.

Get in touch: iddawela.kavindra@gmail.com

Kavi Iddawela