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Who is Almost Wonder Woman?

My name is Kavindra Iddawela, but we’re all friends around here, so, call me Kavi!

After finishing up an undergrad degree in (digital) marketing, I started to do a deep dive into writing for digital platforms. The creative freedom was my hook, line and sinker (I mean, what can’t you do online?!)

So, fast forward to 2019, I am now a freelance writer and editor for online content whilst completing my Master’s in media communications (expected graduation: Oct 2019).

I work with e-commerce platforms and online publications to create stellar pieces of content that get eyeballs onto their websites. Whether it be for a lead generation, information collecting or perhaps convincing a visitor that a product is the next best thing after sliced bread, I work to make that come true with words. Couple that with optimising it for viewership and you get a gist of what I do. I also work in audio and video production.

On the side, I pretend to be an excellent chef who’s gotten more rights than wrong (although truth be told it’s the other way around). And sometimes, I like to lift heavy things at the gym and take part in sporting events that push my limits (2020 goal: 100KM Around the Bay cycling). If you couldn’t tell, I also love to ramble on to my heart’s content.

Want to know more?

Check out my professional portfolio to see some of my writing and other work (i.e. podcasts and videos) and grab a copy of my CV while you’re there. I am more active on LinkedIn than I am at the gym, so head over there to see current updates about what I get up to besides writing (hint: I also run podcasts!).

Want to get in touch? Head over to the Contact Form. Coffee’s on me.


Kavi Iddawela

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