The Idea of He’s “The One” is Bullshit and Here’s Why

I’m an occasional Refinery29 reader and I was more than interested when I came across this article around the same topic about how knowing a guy is the one is totally warmed up crap. The author, Maria Del Russo, gave a pretty heavy dose of her opinion and you may call me cynical, but I agree withContinue reading “The Idea of He’s “The One” is Bullshit and Here’s Why”

Objectivity in Journalism: Problematic or Useful?

The concept of objectivity has been entrenched in two juxtaposing arguments in the sphere of media. On one side, the argument prevails how objectivity is a cornerstone value and scholars such as Michael Schudson have even coined it as the “emblem of American Journalism” (Torres, 2012). On its inverse, scholars have argued its naivety inContinue reading “Objectivity in Journalism: Problematic or Useful?”

The Gender Initiative To #PressForProgress on Sexual Harassment

MELBOURNE – In the lead up to International Women’s Day, the New York Times (NYT) Director of Gender Initiative efforts, Francesca Donner, spoke at the University of Melbourne on opening a global conversation for sexually harassed women through a series of NYT Global Gender Initiative newsletters. In an effort to cover how gender shapes lives,Continue reading “The Gender Initiative To #PressForProgress on Sexual Harassment”

Rescued from oblivion 50 years ago, Darebin Creek still needs its friends

*Article originally published on the Citizen, A Publication for the Centre for Advancing Journalism & Issimo Magazine Peter Wiltshire drives up the newly paved trail around the Darebin Parklands and pulls up at the Napier Waller Reserve, taking in the lush forestry and the song of native birds. He opens the truck bed to organiseContinue reading “Rescued from oblivion 50 years ago, Darebin Creek still needs its friends”

The Power of the Maddened Woman

***Note: This is an Op-Ed written for academic purposes and revised for AlmostWonderWoman. The op-ed focuses on the birth of feminism in the 1960s during the first wave of feminism, albeit the juxtaposing views to its contemporary reference. “The sisterhood is powerful!” The women roared. “Women unite!” The women roared. “Men are the enemy!” TheContinue reading “The Power of the Maddened Woman”