How Weightlifting Helped With My Mental Health

Mental health wasn’t a big topic in my life. I had effectively ignored it with the mindset that I wasn’t some ‘weak’ chic and chalked it up to something that was passing by. Before embarking on my lifestyle change, I didn’t classify my mood swings, mild panic attacks and paranoia as anything more than aContinue reading “How Weightlifting Helped With My Mental Health”

How to Peacefully Say No to Sugar

Hey, sugar, sugar, I got you lickin’ all over! Let’s face it, sugar is addictive. Adding a dusting of icing powder over a bundt cake or even a generous helping of maple syrup on pancakes is a sight of beauty. Biting into a warm donut glazed with sweet topping is a happy place for mostContinue reading “How to Peacefully Say No to Sugar”

5 Easy Ways to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays!

Hi Everyone, The festive season is upon us once more (how are we already in December?!)! It’s still nonetheless exciting and ’tis the season to indulge and be merry! Some of us may prefer to let go of our ‘diet’ mindsets whilst others are looking to maintain their healthy strides across the holidays (me!). Over courseContinue reading “5 Easy Ways to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays!”

The BIGGEST Reason your Diet Fails & How to Embrace it!

Hi Everyone, This is more of a long personal blog post, but I’ve learned an incredible amount from embracing a healthier lifestyle that I believe I can share with you, and that’s what I’m doing today. January of this year, I set just ONE New Years’ resolution: stick to my diet for the whole year.Continue reading “The BIGGEST Reason your Diet Fails & How to Embrace it!”