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Whilst engaging in some pretty entertaining topics (at least in my opinion) here on my blog,  I also worked in content creation and management as a career prior to my current freelance gigs. If you’re keen to check the work I did (and still do), follow the links down below!

Clubhouse Vivaldi: Wrote all website content optimised for SEO for Clubhouse Vivaldi, a Sri Lankan based inner-wear brand with an online reach in the US, Australia and South Asia. Copywriting included product descriptions, landing page descriptions, product and category page SEO titles and descriptions and blog topics (titled: newsbrief – pun intended). Currently working on email marketing strategies as a freelancer.

SAMMCast: Started as a tiny seed in my head, SAMMCast is the official podcast for the Student’s Association of Management & Marketing at Melbourne University. Lead all the pre-planning and production leading to the launch. I directed and co-hosted the first two seasons of the podcast (and had to stop there due to graduation and #adulting responsibilities) I invited industry professionals including PwC, KPMG, Clemenger BBDO, Deloitte Digital, ANZ & Market Lane Coffee.

FemAsia Magazine: FemAsia Magazine is an Asian Women’s publication focusing on the ‘alternate voice’. My first contribution to the publication was my journey with mental health, body image and dealing with eating disorders – all experiences that are sometimes confronting and isolating.

amanté: Strategised and wrote content for amanté, a Sri Lankan and Indian based lingerie brand during the time of employment. The scope of work included writing current and relevant blog articles, doing keyword research for product and category page descriptions and gamification on the site. All efforts can be viewed on the website itself.

Melbourne University Faculty of Business & Economics Newsroom: Contributed an article on the development of SAMMCast and SAMMPress on the FBE’s official news site.

RunwayKit: Currently working with RunwayKit, a startup fashion manufacturer to create content for website optimisation in the US.

Kraken SG: Currently writing for a Singapore lifestyle online publication with a focus on topics related to health & fitness, travel and fashion. All blog posts are optimised for territory-specific keywords.

Digital Squad (physical presence in Australia, New Zealand & Singapore): Currently undertaking content writing for all three websites under Digital Squad, a digital marketing agency. All articles are written in accordance with web trends and keyword optimisation.

Under The Table: A final video produced as part of an audio-visual course. It was produced by a group of friends, exploring the good, the bad and the ugly of working in Australia as international students. Producer: Kavindra Iddawela; Camera Operator: Marzieh Mahmoudi; Editor: June Vu; Interviewer: Aayushi Parikh

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