The Power of the Maddened Woman

***Note: This is an Op-Ed written for academic purposes and revised for AlmostWonderWoman. The op-ed focuses on the birth of feminism in the 1960s during the first wave of feminism, albeit the juxtaposing views to its contemporary reference. “The sisterhood is powerful!” The women roared. “Women unite!” The women roared. “Men are the enemy!” TheContinue reading “The Power of the Maddened Woman”

Chucking Body Shame into the Barrel

Our society is far from perfect, yet, we’d rather tweet about tea and cricket than address the perilous topic of women’s empowerment in Sri Lanka. That’s the norm, isn’t it? We all go around social circles barely skirting the edges of what seems like an uncomfortable topic even though every single woman carries it around like aContinue reading “Chucking Body Shame into the Barrel”